Stop Nathan Deal for Georgia Governor: Please Get Involved!

Nathan Deal: Embarrassing Ethics Scandals, Vicious Homophobia

Normally, as online reputation management specialists our company is in the business of enhancing reputations. But every so often an individual's actions are so heinous, so spiteful, and so vindictive, that no matter where you stand on the political spectrum you feel a moral obligation to get involved. This is true in the case of Nathan Deal, whose hate-filled, ethically challenged, anti-gay campaign for Governor of Georgia has taken scapegoating to a whole new level.


Georgia may not be known as a bastion of tolerance for gay and lesbian Americans, but even by Georgia standards the level of homophobia coming from Nathan Deal’s Governor's campaign has crossed the line. He has attacked gay families and called for a law banning same-sex couples from adopting children. He has routinely attacked his opponents for supporting "gay partner benefits." He recently went so far as to attack YouthPride, a non-profit organization dedicated in large part to preventing lgbt teen suicide, by alleging that the organization "promotes homosexuality" among Georgia's youth. Nathan Deal has pushed the limit on hate speech so many times that even fellow Georgia Republicans have started calling on him to stop the gay-bashing.


Nathan Deal’s morally and ethically void tactic of scapegoating gay and lesbian Georgians may have won him the Republican primary for Governor, but now it's time that Georgians of conscience stand up and make sure he pays the price for his despicable political tactics. We intend to do just that.


Stop Nathan Deal for Governor of GA: Our Campaign

As search engine optimization and online reputation management experts, we plan to influence how ordinary Georgians perceive Nathan Deal, and hopefully, how they vote for him in the Governor's race in November. Our goal is to flood the internet with information detailing the truth about Nathan Deal, his ethics scandals, and his blatant homophobia and intolerance. Here is our plan:

Ethics Site Focusing On Nathan Deal

We are now the proud owners of, and yes, we intend to use it! If you hadn't heard, Nathan Deal was recently rated one of the 15 most corrupt members of Congress by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. We will optimize to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing search result pages for terms such as "Nathan Deal", "Nathan Deal Governor", "Nathan Deal Election", and a whole lot more.  When voters search the web for information about Nathan Deal, our goal is for them to come across our site and learn the truth about the candidate and his ethics scandals.

Nathan Deal Ethics Mass Article Disbursement

We excel at optimizing and disbursing online content, and we're going to use that knowledge to flood the internet with information about Nathan Deal's ethics scandals and anti-gay scapegoating tactics. We are actively working on maintaining "Nathan Deal ethics" as the number one suggested search term in Google for the keyword Nathan Deal, and we will continue to disburse solid content about Nathan Deal's ethics in order to do so.

And More...

We'd like to do more, and depending on how many resources we get (volunteers!?), we will. We also control and, and to the extent that we can populate those websites with relevant content, and then optimize them, we'd like to put as many negative websites in the search engine results as possible.  Unfortunately, however, this is a pro bono project for us, and the amount of time and energy we can spend is limited. Will you help us? You can start by clicking the FaceBook Like button at the top of this page and sharing it with your friends and family, and then read below for volunteer opportunities!




Can We Afford Nathan Deal For Governor?

"It is undisputed that as a 'public servant,' Representative Deal took active steps to preserve a purely state program, one that had generated financial benefit for Representative Deal and his business partner.  Further, while taking these steps, Representative Deal used resources of the House of Representatives"

-- United States House of Representatives
2010 Office of Congressional Ethics Report




Stop Nathan Deal: We Need Help!

If you're tired of having bullies like Nathan Deal scapegoat gay and lesbian Americans, we ask you to please get involved and help stop him from being the next Governor of Georgia! Nathan Deal is an embarrassment to his state, his country, and himself, and we intend to spread that message far and wide. Our pro bono project is being led by our Executive VP Seth Woodard Persily, and he needs as much help as possible with the following:


Writers: We have some great employees who have volunteered to disseminate articles written about Nathan Deal, his ethics scandals and his hate-filled GA Governor's campaign, so what we need now is content. If you can write articles about Nathan Deal, our article disseminators will get to work publishing your articles far and wide to be seen by thousands of Georgians.


Researchers: As we mentioned earlier, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has listed Nathan Deal as one of the 15 most corrupt members of Congress. In other words, digging up dirt on Nathan Deal won't be too hard. We need solid research for our articles and for the content on our websites. If you have some research experience, we need you!


Forum Participants: We need volunteers to interactively participate in forums and discussion groups across the web to shed light on what Nathan Deal is truly about. Help us spread the word!



Let's send a message that hatred will not be tolerated and make the Nathan Deal for GA Governor campaign pay a price for their homophobia. If you can get involved, please email us at We greatly appreciate your help.